Where to Buy Original Cheap Human Hair Wholesale in Lagos, Nigeria

Where to Buy Original Cheap Human Hair Wholesale in Lagos, Nigeria


There is an intense drive for original cheap human hair among many women folks in Lagos and in big cities across Nigeria today.

Noticeably, ladies considers two things with human hairgood looking human hair wig or a beautiful weave-on style.

Lady dons beautiful human hair

It is in such interest I have decided to write on where to buy original cheap human hair wholesale in Lagos or anywhere in Nigeria.

I want to tell you a lot about original human hair in this article.

However, are  you wondering Where to Buy Original Cheap Human Hair Wholesale in Lagos, Nigeria?

If you want to head straight to ordering human hair or hair wig or weave-on write us a comment and we’d forward the details of a reliable hair store that can deliver to you any original human hair you need.

What is Original Human Hair?

To be sincere when I first heard the word “Human Hair” I shuddered to think if it was real human hair.

I bet I was very surprised when I learnt that the human hair was truthfully referring to real human hair.

Although in the market you would find a lot of fake human hair parading as original hair.

So, how do you tell the fake hair from the real hair? I have answered that somewhere down this article. Read on.

However, if you want to go straight to business write us a comment and we’d forward the details of a reliable hair store that can deliver to you any original human hair you need.

So, for your know original human hair is meant to be real human hair.

Is that even possible? Where can the get enough human hair to constantly feed the market? You might wonder.

Let me explain.

Most original human hair comes from India.

In India there is a  religious culture where Hindi’s would always go for pilgrimages and donate their hairs to their temple in India.

There they shave all or some of their hair as a way to purify themselves and as an expression of their humility.

That said I’m sure you know how Indian hairs are usually long, naturally smooth with excellent texture.

These shaved hairs are then processed and packaged to become usable as you can see in the market.

Are all the original human hair from India?

Well, there are some temples like the one in India found in China, Indonesia, Brazil and others but they’re not large scale like the ones in India.

And here breeds the source of a lot of fake hairs too.

The next question now is

Where Do Most Fake Human Hair Come From?

Well, a lot of big companies mostly in China thrive by churning fake hairs into the market.

How do they do this?

They go about collecting rejected hair from hair salons, hair brushes and even those lost from shedding original human hair.

These hairs are not good hairs because they’re are dead and have fallen naturally from hair.

Chinese, well known in reproducing anything, collects this hairs, mix it with silicone or synthetic hair and make them look very smooth, more like the real hair.

In fact, it could be hard to tell the fake hair from the original, mainly from looking at hair extension packages.

To make it more believable to hair buyers they even brand it different names such as Brazilian hair,  Peruvian hair, Indonesian hair, Malaysian hair, Italian and French hair.

I’m laughing my ass off now😂😂

Cos I’m sure lots of people reading this article right now are beginning to suspect that the human hair or wig in their wardrobe paraded with sweet names might be fake human hair after all.

The truth is virgin human hair cannot be found in large scale in Brazil, Vietnam, Malaysia or anywhere outside India.

You should understand by now, since they are few Hindu temples in those countries.

So mostly, these Chinese companies mix silicone hairs with fallen hair or some original hair.

Well, let me help you further.

How to Differentiate Fake Human Hair from Original Human Hair?

Experienced hair users can easily tell a fake human hair by simply feeling the texture.

However, hair manufacturers have become so good sometimes it is hard to tell from the texture.

Here I have few tricks you can keep under your sleeve that have helped many hair users to tell fake hair from the original.

To differentiate original human hair consider trying any of the following:

Burn a strand of hair: Take a piece of the hair and burn it. If it burns quickly into a ball then it is original human hair.

On the other hand, if it melts slowly into a ball  or even start dripping due to the nylon in it, then it is fake hair. The burn will also smell like rubber and will produce black smoke.

Bleaching: Bleaching hair is another fastest way to tell fake hair from the original. As with real human hair, if you bleach it’ll definitely change color.

Wet the Hair: When you wet your own hair what do you notice? It will naturally curl up and get wavy. That’s how to tell a real human hair.

If doesn’t curl up but remains stiff and straight then know you have synthetic hair in your hand.

However, note that if you love your original human hair to stay straight you can hot iron it to remove the curls and waves. As you already know fake hair won’t stand heat.

Feel the Texture of the Hair: Like original human hair real hair feels smooth and shiny when rub hand downwards on the hair, but should feel different or coarse when rubbing your hands upwards.

Fake hair on the other hand feels smooth whether you rub it upwards or downwards. That is another easy way to tell the difference.

Look for a Good Referral:  It is common to have hair sellers mix fake hair with synthetic hair. This makes it even harder to tell which hair is fake or original.

So search for someone who have used the product before and take advantage of their referral.

Find someone or a site you can trust to refer you to a good dealer.

If a particular hair dealer is highly recommended then it is likely they are the real deal.

Go ahead, do business with them!

Check the Cost: The cost of the hair is another give away. Stay away from cheap human hair if you are looking for original human hair.

However, you need to be wary and alert. Don’t go for overpriced hair because you are looking for original human hair.

Would you like us to recommend our tried and tested hair dealer? Then write us a comment and we’d forward you the details you need.

She’s our favorite because they sell some of the best-looking natural human hair and wigs that our customers always love.

Why the fascination with Original Human Hair

Where to Buy Cheap Human Hair in Lagos?

Yes, we can direct you to where you can get cheap human hair in Lagos.

These human hair are original.

So, I don’t actually like to call it cheap, because human hair has never been cheap.

However, the original human hair or wig store we refer you to is affordable and the best price you can find anywhere here in Lagos, Nigeria or outside Nigeria.

The hair store we refer goes directly to India to buy this original human hair.

So you can be 100% confident you’re in the right store and in the right hands to order original human hair.

The characteristics of fake human hair is that they’re usually cheaper.

We do not recommend that for you.

Interested in starting off the human hair business.

Simply write us a comment and we’d forward details of where to buy cheap human hair in Lagos..

So I want you to worry no more about where to buy cheap human hair in Lagos or in anywhere in Nigeria. Even if you need just one or in large quantity we got you covered. Interestingly, all in wholesale price. It can delivered anywhere in the world.

Can You Order this Original Cheap Human Hair From Anywhere?

Yes. In fact you can order for these human hair outside Nigeria and it’ll be delivered to your doorstep.

The hair store we refer you to is 100% the best you can find in the Nigerian market.

35% of the time they get their orders from outside Nigeria.Yes, from any part of the world.

If you’re around Lagos, you can also visit their office to feed your eyes and to make any selection of human hair of your choice.

We can’t wait to see you do business with hair store and come back to shake hands with us for our wonderful referral.

Hair Distributors in Nigeria

I guess you would might be pondering if you can find hair distributors in Nigeria.

Well, the truth is, at the moment there is no such thing as hair distributors or factories in Nigeria.

Your best bet to get original human hair factories in Nigeria is to get from a dealer who goes straight to India to buy theirs.

As we have discussed above in this article, “Where to Buy Original Cheap Human Hair Wholesale in Lagos, Nigeria” we have understood authentic human hair are usually from India.

When you find a dealer who get their human hair from India, then you have your best answer to where to find hair distributor in Nigeria.

This dealers who go directly to India, buy original hair from the main source. Once verified that the human hair in stock are original, they get them particularly packaged. That’s how a real Nigerian dealer in original human hair operate.

We can refer you to the best bet for hair distributor in Nigeria, who sells in wholesale especially if you want to resell.

Go  ahead, write us a comment and we’d forward details of your best bet for hair distributor in Nigeria.

If you are interested in starting a business in human hair wholesale or resell, don’t hesitate you are in for good business.

Human hair business is a thriving business in Nigeria. If you need help or guidance simply write us a comment and we would forward you details of a store that is more than willing to help you succeed in this line of human hair business.

We here in DailyAide are very much interested in offering the best to our readers.

That is why we have taken the pain to search through the market to find the best hair store for Where to Buy Original Cheap Human Hair Wholesale in Lagos, Nigeria.

So you can be rest assured we are solidly behind you in every step of the way.

Human Hair Wigs in Lagos

With the quest for human hair there is an equal search for human hair wigs.

It’s vital to get you a good human hair wigs.

There are loads of human hair wigs available and making the right choice it’s necessary

You can read more about the human hair wigs here: Human Hair Wigs in Lagos

Types of Human Hair and Their Prices

The types of human hair and their prices are always subject to change.

If you understand that, then what should be of utmost concern to you is to find a suitable hair store.

One that sells at wholesale price.

And one that understands hair quality that would be a best fit for you or your business.

However, to understand the types of human hair and their prices there are certain things you need to know to appreciate human hair price.

You need to understand

  1. First types of human hair.
  2. Second types of hair are divided into different kinds of hair
  3. Thirdly, hairs are further classified into Weavons and Wigs.
  4. Lastly, from these hair classification that you can now talk about human hair prices.

Types of Human Hair & Pricing

So here we want to identify the types of human hair and understand the pricing value attached to it.

The types of human hair available in the market include:

Brazilian Hair & Pricing

Brazilian hair are usually thick, naturally shiny, luxurious, and durable.

Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair is one of the best fit for most African American women.

Original Brazilian hair is usually more thicker and coarser than Indian hair, really fabulous.

Malaysian Hair & Pricing

You can identify Malaysian hair with their airy, soft, and thicker texture.

The Malaysian hair is very soft and offers a fuller body effect. Added to that is the luster shine of its hair that comes with its curls.

Malaysian hair looks very cool on black women.

Malaysian curly hair is usually the most popular hair around here.

Peruvian Hair & Pricing

Peruvian hair are very much like a mix Brazilian hair and Indian hair. Peruvian textured hair is very lightweight, free-flowing and luxurious.

Peruvian hair

Peruvian hair borrow the coarseness of Brazilian hair and retain the silky nature of Indian hair.

These blends beautifully to offer bouncy hair nature of Peruvian hair.

This hair type blends perfectly with African American and Caucasian ladies.

Indian Hair & Pricing

I love Indian hair for its thick, bouncy and light nature.

Indian hair

Their soft, sleek texture can offer a variety of hairstyles such as the straight, wavy and curly hairstyles.

Indian hair usually serve as good for all women because of it’s fine texture and natural luster.

Indian hair is regarded as one of the best weave hair types.

Kinds of Human Hair & Pricing

Next, we want to identify the kinds of human hair and the pricing value attached to them.

Virgin Hair & Pricing

We can recognize virgin hair as hair that comes straight from the oven..hahha.

Well, virgin hair is completely natural hair which can be Brazilian, Peruvian or just any type.

These natural human hair kind can be seen with its cuticles still on them and looking straight.

Since they have not been treated with chemical they can be bleached, dyed or processed just you would any hair kind.

Virgin are usually costly since they are original human hair. Yet not as costly as Remy hair.

They are however far classed as better than synthetic hair.

Virgin hair offers the freedom to style your weave exactly the way you want.

Remy Hair & Pricing

Remy Hair are very much like virgin hair.

However, the main difference is that they have been processed with chemicals to improve color or texture.

So Remy hair still maintains their cuticles and which continues to run in the same direction.

Thus, like Virgin hair, Remy hair does not tangle showing evidence of good hair characteristics.

Remy human hair are more long lasting and reliable than virgin hair and so are more pricey.

Synthetic Hair & Pricing

Synthetic hair are made to be more like the real human hair.

They are the cheapest kind of hair.

However, they make for great choices when making variety of weaves for your wardrobe.

They don’t last long so they can ideal to taste different hair styles without digging deep into your pocket.

Synthetic hair don’t go well with heat so avoid them if you are going to be using heat.

With these understanding you can now go ahead to finding weaves and wigs and their pricing.

Due to large collection of weaves and wigs we have written collection in another article. Their you find the types that you would like with their suitable pricing.

Click here to see the Collection of weaves

Click here to see the Collection of  hair wigs

Reach out to us, so we can refer you to the best hair store that can help you to pick the right type of human hair and their prices and offer you the necessary help and guidance you need.

Simple write us a comment and we would forward the needed contact to you.

I do hope you have enjoyed this discussion on Where to Buy Original Cheap Human Hair Wholesale in Lagos, Nigeria.

See you in the comment.


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