Rain Soul – Price, Ingredients, Benefits & Curative Ability

Rain Soul – Price, Ingredients, Benefits & Curative Ability

I know, you are here because you have heard so much about the healing power of Rain soul.

Some have called it the miracle healing drug!

I know, you are more than anxious to find out:

  • To what extent can Rain Soul cure illness?
  • Does Rain Soul really work?
  • Can Rain Soul do as much it claims?
  • What is really Rain Soul?
  • How does Rain Soul work?
  • How do I take Rain Soul?
  • Where can I buy Rain Soul at a good price?
  • How can I be sure that the Rain Soul I get is original?

These and many questions you may have would be answered in these article.

To really get to understand if Rain soul actually works and get answers to other questions, you need to first understand what Rain Soul is, it’s ingredients and what makes it very powerful.

Here is my story….

A few months ago I was complaining about a painful neck pain I was having.

I couldn’t move my neck without severe pains. It was as if my neck was suffering some form of partial stroke. It continued stiff and painful.

I was getting tired of complaining to my husband about my persistent neck pain.

We even tried powerful supplements like Superlife STC30 and yet no improvement.

My husband would watch me wring in pain. I could feel he was getting exhausted seeing me suffer.

One day he came back home with Rain Soul. He said it was a colleague in the office that told him about it and recommended that he gave to me.

I decided to give Rain Soul a try. Immediately after taking Rain Soul I bet you I felt some relief.

With tears rolling down my cheek I  thought to myself, “please Lord, let this be the cure to this neck pain”.

I couldn’t believe my eyes in just two days, the pain in my neck vanished immediately.

There and then I knew this supplement was powerful.

I started trying it out for different things. I had a black patch on my cheek for God knows how long. After applying Rain Soul, it cleared in no time.

Next, I noticed how my husband started looking fresh and younger. I was getting astonished with the awesomeness of Rain Soul.

Then there was this one lady complaining to me about how he was experiencing breast cancer. She’s gone for treatment like three times and yet no improvement.

Rain Soul came to my mind. I told her to try it.

She called me after a week sobbing over how her breast cancer had cleared. I was thrown into a shock!

Instantly I knew I needed to let a lot of people hear about this miracle healing Rain Soul supplement. – As told by Mrs Gloria Ogunbiyi

I’ll pause here and allow you to continue reading this article, to get to understand the healing power behind Rain Soul.

I’ve packed more and more testimonies down below.

Meanwhile, before we go into further details, to get a Rain Soul for yourself at a wholesale price write us a comment so we can forward the details of a reliable Rain Soul seller. It is also very important to make sure the dealer sells original Rain Soul.

Topics We Covered Here:

  • What is Rain Soul?
    • Curative Ability of Rain Soul
      • Rain Soul and Fertility
      • Rain Soul for Diabetes
    • Rain Soul and Cancer
  • Rain Soul Ingredients & their Benefits
    • Black Cumin Seeds
    • Chardonnay Grape Seed
    • Black Raspberry Seed
    • D-Ribose
  • Rain Soul Benefits
  • Rain Soul Price
  • Rain Soul Amazon
  • Rain Soul Nigeria
  • How to Use Rain Soul
  • How to Order Rain Soul Product?
  • Rain Soul Natural Pure Wellness
  • Rain Soul Testimonies
  • Rain Soul Supplement Reviews
  • Rain Soul Official Website

What is Rain Soul?

Rain Soul is the combination of the medicinal power of three seeds namely black cumin seeds, chardonnay grape seed, black raspberry seed, d-ribose, and other plant-based ingredients through cold press process for an antioxidant, vitamin, and mineral-rich blend.

With augmented bio-availability, the product offers essential nutrients that your body needs to combat damaging free radicals and promote a healthy immune system.

In a simpler term for you to understand, Rain Soul is the totality of recommended balanced food (nutrient) you need daily to eat healthy.

What Rain Soul is in Summation

Curative Ability of Rain Soul

Rain Soul and Fertility

Rain Soul and Rain Core has cranberry seed dandelion, kale which has been known to have a marvelous fertility healing effect on the body.

While Rain Soul acts to restore fertility, Rain Core cleanses and rejuvenates the womb thereby lining the womb flora. This normalizes the hormonal imbalance and the blocked Fallopian tube due to inflammatory disease.

Rain Soul and Rain Core is effective in the treatment of infertility in both male and female.

Rain Soul for Diabetes

Seeds included in Rain Soul has anti diabetic properties.

For example the black cumin seed and aloe vera have been shown in several studies to be powerful in curing diabetics. This has been proven from the healing potentials over many centuries all the way from the ancient kingdom of Egypt.

Real life experiences has testified been testified by many who have won the battle against diabetes through the use of the nutritional content of Rain Soul

Rain Soul and Cancer

ITS obvious that cancer is the multiplication of cells in the affected part. Cells broke free from normal control mechanism of the body.

Rain Soul products prevents the cells from (metastasizing) spreading further to other body part. The cells remain confined in the affected region this is first benefit.

Then rejuvenate and repair the weak cells such that the sick will no longer feel the excruciating fatigue, weight loss, fever, pain all minimizes.

Even when the ill cancer patients reached terminal stage the supplement help to improve quality of life.

Rain Soul for Weight loss

Rain Soul for Fibroids

Rain Soul for Goitre

Rain Soul Ingredients & their Benefits

Rain Soul is a seed based product. What do we mean by that? Rain Soul takes it power from extracting nutrients right from its origin – the seed.

The major Rain Soul ingredients are:

  • Black Cumin Seeds
  • Chardonnay Grape Seed
  • Black Raspberry Seed
  • D-Ribose

Black Cumin Seeds

Black Cumin Seed is a plant seed that has been in use medicinally for over 2000 years now. This seed became discovered recently in the tomb of Egyptian King called King Tut.

Thymoquinone (TQ) is the main active ingredient in black cumin seeds that can boost the immune system and contain powerful antioxidants that can fight cancer, prevent pregnancy, reduce swelling, and lessen allergic reactions by acting as an antihistamine.

Historically, black seed has been used for headache, toothache, nasal congestion, asthma, arthritis, and intestinal worms. It has also been used for “pink eye” (conjunctivitis), pockets of infection (abscesses), and parasites.

Today, black seed is most commonly used for asthma, diabetes, hypertension, weight loss, and many other conditions.

This seed-shaped herb is often called the Nigella Sativa flower plant. They are solid black and have a shape resembling a sunflower seed.

Ever heard of black seed oil, it an oil extract from black cumin seeds popularly used for different health purposes.

Rain Soul - Price, Ingredients, Benefits & Curative Ability 1

Health Benefits of Black Cumin Seed

Cure Diabetes

Diabetes a  disease characterized by high blood glucose levels that result from defects in insulin secretion or the body’s ability to use insulin.

Controlling blood sugar levels is the major goal of treating any type of diabetes in order to prevent complications resulting from the disease.

To achieve this dietary changes is essential.

The British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research has shown that Black Cumin Seed effectively lower blood sugar levels, reduce glucose absorption, and stop the development diabetes.

Lower Blood Pressure

It is a common condition where your blood pressure readings are consistently 140 over 90, or higher, over a number of weeks.

There are over  1.5 million cases of high blood pressure per year in Nigeria alone.

Constant intake of black cumin extract pills such as that of Rain Soul can lower blood pressure in mild hypertension, total cholesterol levels and bad LDL cholesterol levels.

Increase Memory and Concentration

Black Cumin seed has large dose of linoleic acid or Omega 3 and Omega 6. These contents helps to smooth blood circulation to the brain that highly maximize the brain function.

Prevent Cancer

You can protect, prevent and heal yourself from cancer before needing costly surgery procedure if your body can increase the growth of T-cells that are useful for destroying infected cells.

Black Cumin seed can make the body stronger to withstand the growth of cancerous cells by growing the T-cells.

Neutralize Toxins

Our bodies need to rest, needs to be thoroughly cleansed and nourished. the body has its won way to detox the body through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin.

At any point where this is comprised your body can be adversely affected.

Black cumin contains Saponin that can cleanse and neutralize toxins in the body to maximize the performance of organs. It can also reduce symptoms of diarrhea and respiratory problems.

There is no doubt, Rain Soul can do more for you, than your doctor would.

With so many benefits of black cumin seeds, regular consumption will certainly provide the best supplement for your body.

Chardonnay Grape Seed

Grapes are popular for their nutritional and medicinal benefits.

Grape seeds have  an abundant source of flavonoids called proanthocyanidins.

This is important for brain health due to their free radical-quenching antioxidant and collagen-protecting effects.

Proanthocyanidins have also been shown to noticeably delay the onset of lipid peroxidation and to effectively chelate iron ions.

Free ions are some of the most powerful promoters of lipid peroxide, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radical production, supporting brain health

Over the years ointment made from grape seeds has been used to treat skin and eye disease.

These grapes has shown to be effective in hemorrhoids to stop inflammations, bleeding and pains.

Health Benefits of Chardonnay Grape Seed

Chardonnay grape is the common grape used in most wines such as dessert wine, sparkling wine and champagne.

There are 34 varieties of Chardonnay grape and they offer nearly the same health benefits.

Heart health

The seeds of Chardonnay grape can keep the heart healthy by maintaining the level of cholesterol under control.

It also prevents the chances of heart problems by hindering the low density lipid oxidation. . It has positive effect on arteries that reduce the blood pressure by maintaining the heart health.

Prevent cancer

Grape seed oil has proven especially helpful for the patients with breast and prostate cancer. It helps to prevent cancer and prevents the growth of cancer.

Brain health

The seeds of Chardonnay grape help to lower the oxidative stress on the brain, nerves, eyes and brain by preventing the chances of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and neurodegenerative problems.

Treat obesity

The Chardonnay grape oil controls the level of glucose and production of insulin in the body that helps to counteract weight gain and digestive problems. The antioxidants help to keep the body weight against obesity issues.

Skin health

Chardonnay grape seed oil helps to treat and repair the skin health and makes it blemish free. It acts as anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine and anti-allergic properties. It prevents damage to the system.

Black Raspberry Seed


Rain Soul Benefits

After examining the ingredients of Rain Soul it’ll be fine to put up a good summary of what Rain Soul can accomplish.

Here I’ve listed 30 benefits of Rain Soul.

Take your time to examine these Rain Soul benefits.

You’d understand how this supplement can correct your body system and heal you.

At the tail end of this article you’d see testimonials of people who have experienced the power of these Rain Soul benefits in their lives and in the lives of other important people they know.

Rain Soul benefits:

1. Provides extra energy, performance and stamina
2. Improves immune defense system
3. Helps protect and prevent cardiovascular disease
4. Improves brain working system
5. Helps in weight lose
6. Improves the regulation of organs and glands
7. Helps in quick recovery and healing
8. Improves the digestion process
9. Prevents infection
10.  Make bones strong
11. Protect genetic material
12. Produce beautiful hair, skin and nails
13. Improve athletic performance
14. Reduce/ prevent inflammation
15. Improve cardiovascular health
16. Boost production of bone marrow
17. Fight cancer with antioxidants
18. Regulate blood pressure
19. Lower bad cholesterol
20. Improve vision
21. Anti-aging properties
22. Help manage and prevent Diabetes
23. Fight Auto-immune disorders
24. Calm upset stomachs
25. Support healthy child development
26. Ease PMS
27. Prevent hearing loss

Rain Soul Price

Meanwhile, before we go into further details, to get a Rain Soul for yourself at a wholesale price write us a comment so we can forward the details of a reliable Rain Soul seller. It is also very important to make sure the dealer sells original Rain Soul.

Rain Soul Price in Nigeria

Due to the huge demand for Rain Soul some sellers has taken to inflate the price.

Hence, at present the Rain Soul Price in Nigeria is subject to the seller.

Since the supplement is still not prevalent in Nigeria, the few sellers who are privileged to be distributors of Rain Soul most times inflate the price.

Many sellers I’ve met in Nigeria sell their Rain Soul between 25, 000 NGN to as much as 45,000 NGN.

So, what is Rain Soul Price in Nigeria?

To get a Rain Soul for yourself at a wholesale price write us a comment so we can forward the details of a reliable Rain Soul seller.

It is also very important to make sure the dealer sells original Rain Soul.

Rain Soul Amazon

Love Amazon?

And thinking of purchasing Rain Soul from Amazon?

Here is a link to purchase Rain Soul in Amazon

With Rain Soul Amazon your purchased can be delivered to anywhere you are in the world.

Rain Soul Nigeria

Rain Soul Nigeria is growing popular with everyday.

Although it has not grown very popular here in Nigeria, and still does not have a base yet many Nigerians are beginning learn and quickly embrace Rain Soul.

Obviously anyone who comes across Rain Soul is awed by the potent ability of Rain Soul supplement.

If you’re in search of a reliable Rain Soul dealer in Nigeria, simply write us a comment and we’d forward the seller’s contact to you.

Don’t take any chances with anyone you can’t trust.

If you wish to be a distributor too, you might want to get a detailed understanding of Rain Soul International Compensation Plan.

That way you can have a good knowledge of what you’re getting into.

How to Use Rain Soul

Rain Soul - Price, Ingredients, Benefits & Curative Ability 3

Instructions on how to Take Rain Soul

When am I supposed to take Rain Soul?

There is no wrong time to take Rain Soul. You can take it anytime that is best for you.

You can consider drinking it in the morning, possibly 30 minutes before breakfast.

Then consider taking another sachet in the evening, say an hour before bedtime.

How much Rain Soul should I take?

It is recommended to take 2 packs daily, especially at the start.

That is a complete doze of two packs.

For cases of extreme pain, however, it’s best to start with 3 a day for the first few days.

Some others take 2-6 packs or more depending on their health condition. After all they’re no side effects or adverse reactions.

Always to leave 6 hours interval between intake of the drink.

Also apply some of the gel drink directly to affected skin area.

Can I take it with other medications?

Yes. Rain Soul is safe to use with all medications.

How many should I order?
Many new customers prefer the enrollment order of four 30-packs.

That way you saves yourself extra website fee and shipping costs.

Or you can buy together with someone else and share the cost.

Can I refrigerate Rain Soul?

Yes, you can keep Rain Soul chilled in the fridge.

It actually tastes best cold.

How do I take Rain Soul?

To take Rain Soul:

  • Shake & squeeze packet to disperse the settled seeds
  • Next, rip off the top
  • And then drink pure wellness with a smile!😄

Watch as your body system returns to form.

Can I apply Rain Soul on my skin?

Soul can be used topically as well as internally; it is completely trans-dermal.

It can be used as a facial scrub or mask.

Apply Rain Soul to painful/inflamed joints or areas that you have pain, rashes, acne, eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions.

Apply it on your wrinkles, age spots, dark spots or any skin conditions.

It is non-oily, non-staining and absorbs very quickly… and if you can tolerate the little ground up seeds on your skin, you will be amazed at how well it works topically, as well as internally!

Hence, after drinking the product, open the package and put the residue on the area of pain. It goes right in. It is not sticky.

What are some cautionary measures?

If you are a diabetic, please test your blood sugar frequently, as the D-Ribose has proven to reverse type II diabetes.

Due to Chardonnay grape seeds being in Rain Soul, please do not give to your dogs.  Chardonnay grape seeds are highly toxic to dogs.

Helpful Tips:
Drink lots of water, because a lot of toxins are being released for the body.

You can keep “empty” packets in the fridge until you wish to apply topically; then cut along the sides of the packet and be amazed at how much product is still left inside.

How to Order Rain Soul Product?

Are you amazed with the incredible curative ability of Rain Soul?

And want to get some for yourself?

You have to do that as fast possible. See my skin is glowing literally. I feel new everyday. I can bet you have more value than your money’s worth.

After all, the company guarantees a return of your cash if Rain Soul doesn’t work for you. Which supplement does that?

So reach out to us, write a comment and let a reliable Rain Soul dealer take your order from there.

Write us a comment so we can forward the details of a reliable Rain Soul seller. It is also very important to make sure the dealer sells original Rain Soul.

Rain Soul Natural Pure Wellness

Rain Soul Pure Wellness is a ready-to-drink energy and health supplement drink by Rain International. This proprietary drink is prepared with a blend of awesome natural seeds extract and components – black cumin seeds, raspberry seeds, chardonnay grape seeds and D-ribose

It is a vital nutritious drink, which comes in a 2-ounce pack, and is proven to be a highly effective energy and nutritious drink to get you our of weakness instantly.

Rain International doesn’t claim to have discovered something great with Soul. It is just a mix of some natural components that have been used in ages as ideal nutrition supplement.

As you have it, your body will get a lot of things aside from boosting energy. It is proven to be a catalyst to enhance your immune system and sharpen your brain focus.

Rain Soul Testimonies

The praise been heaped on Rain Soul runs through all the continent – from United States, to Asia, to Africa and much more.

Personally I am not surprised because I am living testimony to it.

Here are few real life testimonial videos. Please watch and share

Here you would see as real people pour their hearts out on the super healing power of this supplement.

To find more more testimonies go here

Rain Soul Supplement Reviews

There are loads of amazing Rain Soul supplement reviews.

I’m going to share a few of the supplement reviews here.

Rain Soul review Story by Mickey and Lena

Just a short time before I started Soul and Core I told my wife that my hands were starting to look like my dad’s (meaning old), but after taking both products (soul & core) twice a day for about 3 weeks my hands don’t look like dads anymore. The wrinkles are gone!

Also I have been dealing with a skin condition for a couple of years, I really didn’t notice a lot of difference until I cut back to taking the products once a day.

After about a week of this my legs started itching again really bad, I hadn’t realized that they were not itching and the dry skin had gotten much better until the cut back.

My wife only takes both once a day and her knee pain has gotten much better, actually to the point she has started back at the gym at least 4 times a week!

I am back to twice a day andf headed to dermatologist on 28th can’t wait to see what he says!

Rain Soul - Price, Ingredients, Benefits & Curative Ability 5

Rain Soul review Story by Bienvenido Lagano

I was suffering from kidney failure and needed to undergo Hermodialysis. I had 3 kidney stones, that a big prostrate frustration to me. This made easily tired.

After I learnt about Rain Soul I drank it thrice a day. After finishing 1 box my kidney stones vanished. 

After taking the 4 boxes of Rain Soul there was no need to undergo Hemodialysis. My prostrate problem was normalized and I was able to go to farm without feeling tired.

Rain Soul - Price, Ingredients, Benefits & Curative Ability 7

Rain Soul Review Story by Anna Hudson

I seriously can’t remember how long it has been since I haven’t been in pain with my knees or my back due to injuries over the years.

Last week, I was introduced to an amazing product called SOUL, from Rain Int’l.

It is a seed based, anti-inflammatory product made from Black Cumin Seed, Black Raspberry Seed, Chardonnay Seed and D-ribose. 

For the first time in almost a year, I can get up from a chair without using my hands and can actually do squats! That is as close to a miracle as you can get, considering last week I couldn’t walk from point A to point B without pain…Thank You Bryon Belka, Mary Gibbons Rhodes and Rain Int’l! (It works for migraines too!)

Rain Soul - Price, Ingredients, Benefits & Curative Ability 9

Rain Soul Official Website

A lot of people who search online get confused about what website is the Rain Soul official website.

We have a number of people asking us the same question.

Hence, I have decided to also place it here if you are one of those who are lost about Rain Soul official website.

Simply go here to go to this website

Here you’d find some facts about Rain Soul most of which has been discussed here.

A few things we have on this article and others cannot be found on the official website since our content are from first hand Rain Soul members.

Some of which include Rain Soul reviews, Rain Soul Products, and Rain Soul extensive benefits.


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  1. I have used at least 4 satchet and I like the product. Am in Anambra State, Nigeria and I want to order for it. How will I do that please. Am having fatty liver, am a diabetic patient with gastric ulcer.

  2. I have used at least 4 satchet and I like the product. Am in Anambra State, Nigeria and I want to order for it. How will I do that please. Am having fatty liver, am a diabetic patient with gastric ulcer.

  3. Great coming across these products. Will want to know how I can get them

  4. Great coming across these products. Will like to know how and where I can get them. Thanks

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